Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gilbert Temple Excitement

We had a great interview/zone conference.  While we were there,  President Toone told us all the exciting things and news about the Gilbert  Temple.  He said that all of the sisters would participate in the open house - - we will help out in the pavilion outside of the temple.  The elders aren't allowed to do that, but what they're allowed to do is something I'd rather do!  They get to go inside the temple before anyone else and move furniture.  They'll get to go into rooms that lots of people will never go into.  BUT, the best news is that the missionaries in the Tempe, Mesa and Gilbert missions will be the first ones to do ordinances in the new Gilbert temple!  AND, the Prophet is coming to do the temple dedication, along with President Eyring.   So, people are super excited and are getting ready!  The youth have been practicing for their cultural dance and it's really exciting around here!

So, that's the most exciting thing here.  This week has been super boring and we're still looking for people to teach.  This is the slowest area I've been in and it's kid of frustrating, but I'm trying to stay positive!  President Toone told me and Hermana M. that we'll be together until she goes home in January :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pretty Dang Great

Well, this week was pretty dang great.  We called a former investigator, Miguel, to ask for his address.   He didn't answer.   But he called us back in less than an hour and asked us to meet with him that night.  We taught him the restoration - - he already knew it and even told us how Joseph Smith received the priesthood.  He's on date for the 23rd for his baptism!  So that was a miracle. 

I had my first Missionary Leadership meeting, and the whole mission got iPads.   So that's weird.  No more having to carry around all of our scriptures, pamphlets and what not.  No more area book, because it is all being transferred to the iPad.

The very best part of my week was on Saturday.  R, in Chandler, had his baptism.  So I got permission, and we found a ride.   I had to go because Hermana M and I had taught him all his lessons.  It was one of the top 3 things that I've ever had happen in my mission so far.  He looked so different.  He was shaven and clean and looked so happy - - his whole countenance was different.  His baptism was the best.   After he came up out of the water he just stood there, then put his head into his hands.  The bishop who baptized him put his arm around his shoulders, then he hugged him and they stood there for a minute or two as he just cried.  It was one of the most powerful things I've ever seen.

So, it was a good week!

We are the 5th mission in the entire world to get these bad boys!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Transfer and other stuff

The verdict is in . . . I'm going to Mesa!  I'm with Hermana M - she's the best.   It's going to be the best transfer.  Another surprise happened too.   I'm a Sister Training Leader.   I'll be going to all of the important missionary leadership trainings, just like the zone leaders and AP.   I'll be able to go on exchanges with the sisters and help them.   But I think they'll really help me.  I'm excited!  I love my companion, zone leaders, and zone.  Elder R followed me again and we're in the same zone :)  Unlike last transfer, I feel like this is where I need to be.

I'm going back to Chandler, though, next week for Ruben's baptism.  I wouldn't miss that!  It was really sad saying good-bye to the H family.  I told them that I was getting transferred and Hermano H put his head in his hands and cried :(  It was one of the hardest good-byes, I think.  I told them that they always have a home in Washington :)

Saying good-bye to a recent convert there was pretty sad, too.  Her name is M and the first week being there she claimed us as her kids and told us she loved us.  So, even though that last transfer wasn't the best, I met who I needed to meet!

Monday, September 30, 2013

I Love Being A Missionary!

This week flew by.   We were out of miles for the month so we've been on bike and I LOVE IT!  I always feel like the best missionary when I'm on bike.  I get to get sweaty and talk to people and really feel like I'm using my time wisely.   Plus, I went on exchanges in Mesa and it was so much fun!  It was exactly what I needed.  

I was able to watch the Relief Society broadcast and it was awesome!  I always feel so peaceful after I listen to the Prophet.  I'm glad they talked about covenants.  We'll be watching conference at the church and hoping our investigator R comes.

I can't believe I've forgotten to tell you about this less active couple we've been working with.  Hermano and Hermana H.  As soon as I met  them I knew that they were the reason I am here in Gilbert/Chandler.  Hermano H goes through dialysis here three times a week.  He stopped going to church because he's so sick and he feels abandoned by the ward because no one has ever stopped by to see how he is doing.  SO, we've been working with him.  He reminds me so much of Grandpa L, though.  One day all he was talking about was his dialysis treatments and it made me so sad because I hope grandpa didn't go through the same thing. 

A couple weeks ago I talked to a guy on the street named R and gave him a restoration pamphlet, and we went back a couple days later to see him.  He had read it - - twice!  We taught him again yesterday about the Plan of Salvation, and it was so great.  I love teaching the atonement to someone who you know it means so much.  It was a powerful lesson, and he is preparing to be baptized on October 19 -- happy birthday dad!!  Finding him is the miracle of the transfer.  He's a good guy who's made a lot of mistakes and is trying to be  better.

We accidentally went into the Gilbert mission the other day when an English member was dropping us off at home.  She drove right by the Gilbert temple - it is so beautiful!!

Oh, our house has a bit of a problem.   Scorpions.  They're everywhere.  We tried killing one the other day but it crawled into the wall somehow.  Creepy.  So, we have to shake our sheets before we go to bed and be a little cautious.  But it's an adventure.!

I love being a missionary :)  It's the best thing that's ever happened to me!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Good-Bye Casa Grande, Hello Gilbert!

So, Gilbert/Chandler.  We are literally across the street from the Gilbert mission.  I was really sad to hear I was coming here, not too many Spanish-speakers.  BUT, then I found out that some of my favorite people have served here, like Sister W, P and Elder M.  So, that makes it better seeing their names in the area book.  It was really sad leaving Casa Grande, though, especially to say good-bye to Shawn and Monica.   But, they're going to call me when they go through the temple :)   So, I'm excited for June! 

My new companion is Hermana M.  She was born in Peru and grew up in Paris, so her first language is French and her second is Spanish.  She learned English in the MTC!  So, it's good because whenever we're out of the house we speak Spanish the whole time, and it helps a lot!  I can finally understand - wooo!  - - well, for the most part :)  So, lessons are a lot more fun now that I know what's going on.   But, Hermana M is very . . . European.  Take that as you will, but it's going to be a hard transfer . . . again.  I don't know why President Toone does this to me . . hahaha.   

But, things are going well.  I'm sure once I get used to things in Gilbert I'll like it more.   BUT, the members are great and the bishop is awesome!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


So, the other day our district leaders called and asked us to put them on speaker and gather everyone around.   They said that they had gotten news from the First Presidency and we are officially okay to use Facebook for proselyting starting tomorrow!  We will use it everyday for an hour.  We are only supposed to talk about church related things.  So, you can say hi to me if you want, but I really can't talk much unless you have a referral.  The idea is to get us teaching EVERYONE.  Before my mission is over we will be able to use Skype to teach!  For example, if you have someone in Walla Walla that you want me to teach, I can Skype with them, and you can join in on the Skype to be a member present in the lesson.  So, it's weird.  I'm honestly really nervous.   I was telling Hermana Segura that it's easy to talk about what you believe in to people you don't know, but it's so scary when it's your friends and family.   If I had a choice, I'd skip out on doing Facebook, but the First Presidency is really excited about it.  President Monson said, "When are we going to start to trust them?"   And now we are 1 in only 10 missions who are allowed to use  Facebook.   We can also  blog.  I'm a retarded blogger and would look like an idiot doing that.

So, there's my news for the week!   Starting tomorrow I'll be on Facebook every day for one hour!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

With Faith We Can Conquer

Sisters reunited :)

Yes, this is a house of sister missionaries :)

We were able to go to the temple this past week.   I want to go everyday - haha.  Afterwards, Sister Greenwood from 5th ward took us out to Red Lobster :)

We were searching for old investigators in Colonial del Sol, the trailer park, the other day.  We pulled up to a man just as Emilio was pulling in as well.  We were able to have a great lesson with him and his wife.  Later on in the week we had another lesson with him, and he accepted a baptismal date :)  The spirit was strong, and it was awesome.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Two Weeks in One


So, transfers.   My new companion is Sister S.   She came from the Phoenix mission when the mission split.  She doesn't want to be in the Tempe mission.   She's exactly opposite of all the sisters who just left me.   So it's really hard.   I think this has been the most I've ever prayed.   Sister S called me out and said that I can't call people by their nicknames or last names (even though our ZLs and DLs do it).  She said I had to be directly obedient.  Is it bad that I strangle her? 

We are officially only over our Spanish branch now.  I'm happy and sad, just because I won't be able to teach Monica anymore, but I promised her I'm still coming to her baptism.

On the bright side, there are six sisters in our house again, one fluent speaker, which is nice.  And a new sister from Korea, but lives in Hawaii.  She eats noodles for breakfast lunch and dinner . . .she is so Asian!   haha

So, the coolest thing happened this week.  A few weeks ago Sister C and I decided to visit our old investigator, A.  A expressed concern because she was trying to find a job and it was so difficult for her.  We promised her right there that if she read the Book of Mormon every day, she would find a job within two weeks.  I got a text from her this week that said she found a job!!  She is really excited, and the Sisters are going over to see how she is doing.


Well, my companion is still how she was before.  We had interviews this week, and I was the very first to go.  The first thing President Toone said to me was, "so let's talk about your companion."  He said he knows what's going on, and how hard it is for me.  He said that he prayed specifically where to put Sister S and her old companion Sister T and that he felt very strongly that we needed to be companions.  President Toone is the most sincere person.  I am so glad he's our mission president.  He told me that Hermana Jacobson (my MTC companion) has Sister S's old companion and that she won't even talk to Hermana Jacobson at all.  How sad.

There's honestly not a lot to report.   I just want to get to work, and keep working, and when I'm done working I just want to sleep.  haha.


Monday, July 29, 2013

Priesthood Power

I'm extremely happy that this transfer is over, but I'm also really sad.  Hermana P is going home today :(  Happy for her, sad for me.   haha.  But I'm staying in Casa Grande for another six weeks, but I get a new companion. 

Last Monday it rained the hardest I've ever seen.   The streets here are really bad in the rain.  I told Sister P that I'm from Washington!  I can handle it!   But the streets were like rivers.  It was fun.

The coolest experience I had this week had nothing to do with investigators.   Sister C got really sick again, and couldn't eat or drink anything.  We took her to Urgent Care and all they gave her were some pills, which she threw up.   So, last Tuesday it got really bad and she told me that she felt like she was going to die.   But I couldn't take her back to Urgent Care because one of the cars wouldn't turn on and the English sisters were at district meeting.  So when the sisters came home, they brought all six elders to give Sister C another blessing.  But when they got there Sister C wouldn't wake up.  We tried everything to wake her up.  So, I called President Toone, and Sister Toone told me she was going to call the nurse and then she would call me.   The elders were really mad . . . haha.  Elder M said, "This is like praying to the virgin to get to God! - Just call 911!!!"  So, finally with permission we called 911.  In the meantime we let the elders into our home to give her a blessing.   They surrounded her as she was laying on the couch, and each put their hands on her head.  Elder R could only fit one hand on her head, but they all fit.  Elder M gave the coolest  blessing.  As he was closing, Sister C started to stir a little, and as Elder M said amen, she woke up just in time to say amen.  She doesn't remember any of that, but it was the coolest priesthood experience I've ever seen.  She was rushed in an ambulance to the hospital, but they didn't find anything wrong with her.  So, she's back and kicking, but getting transferred, probably to Tempe.  It was awesome.   

So, there's my cool experience for the week :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Another Good Week

This week has been good.   Sister C has been sick for the past three days throwing up so we've been staying home while she tries to get better.  We took her to urgent care to get her an IV but all they gave her were pills that she threw up, too.   Sooo, hopefully she gets better soon.

This past week was zone conference with our new mission president and his wife.  I LOVE THEM!!  They are so great, and they're trying really hard to get used to everything.  He replies to all of my emails, which is crazy because there are so many missionaries here.

We had a lesson with our investigator, B, this week.  His wife joined in as well.  It went so great.  We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end).  He accepted the baptismal invitation and has a baptismal date set for the 3rd :)  His wife is praying about baptism, but I have no doubt that she will be baptized the same day as B.

We also had a lesson with M this week, and she is sooooo cute.  She is SO excited to get baptized and she is so much fun to teach.  She takes note during our lessons and during church.  She calls us "her hermanas" to everyone, and she knows a lot of people in the church already.  If I get transferred before she's baptized next month, I'm going to get permission to come to her baptism.

We had a really cool haboob this week.  We had to cancel our appointments and stay inside.  We've also been having awesome rainstorms.  We proselyted in a monsoon, maybe a bad idea but it was a lot of fun :)

Transfers are next week, and I have a feeling I'll either be leaving or training or both.  But who knows, I've said that before.  I think I'm leaving because I love my ward and branch too much.  Casa Grande feels like home, and I think it might be time for me to leave :(  Plus Sister P is leaving to go home next p-day, so it'll suck staying in Casa Grande.

We have to tell a story on Wednesday to the stake about a pioneer story that we have.  And the one I'm going to share is about YOU, mom!   You're my favorite pioneer!

Love you all!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sweet Cakes, Sweet Members, FBI and Aliens

This week has been good.  We went to the temple this week.   Afterwards we stopped at Deseret and then at Sweet Cakes Cafe, a bakery in Mesa that has been featured on TLC in its Best Food Ever episodes.   I went up to buy this HUGE cinnamon roll and asked the manager how much it cost, and she said, "How 'bout it's on me" - - turns out she's a ward missionary in Mesa :)   She gave us a bunch of homemade goodies for free to take home.   Best cinnamon roll I've ever had.

Also, this week Brother Dr. ** (he's an eye doctor) let us come over to his office on his day off, and he gave us a free eye exam :)

This week we had exchanges.  I stayed here and Sister C went to Mesa.   It was a great exchange.  I really liked the sister I was with.  We went to a less active member's house to see if we could just visit with them.  They opened the blinds and the lady said, "You'll never guess who it is!" and they opened the door.   An old lady opened the door, and her husband, a very large, shirtless man, stood there.   They let us in and we awkwardly sat on their couch while husband went to put a shirt on.  He asked us if we had ever been to South America,  because "they eat missionaries there."   He then went on to tell us that he knew that we were from the FBI and that we couldn't hide it.  He said that he knew that  the leaders of the church were part of the illuminatis (idk what that is, doesn't it have to do with the Catholic church or something??)   He made us sit there for an hour while he told us that we didn't know what we believed and he continued to talk about wormholes and aliens.  I was getting mad so I just kept a straight face the whole time.  Apparently he didn't like that so he kept telling me, "you don't know what you believe."   So, I said, "Sir, I know what I believe and it's not what you're telling me."   So, as we were FINALLY leaving he said, "You'll know this week.  Monday you'll know."  So, it's Monday and I'm pretty sure I'm pretty strong in my faith in Jesus Christ.  He should have been on a no contact list.  haha.

Besides that little fiasco, things are still going good.  We have new investigators, one in particular I'm really excited about teaching.  We met him at an apartment complex and he seemed so sincere.   He asked us to come back when we were street contacting him.  So, I'm excited about that.

Love you!

P.S.  Apparently we can't wear backpacks anymore, so we are off to buy cheap side bags.

Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July and New Investigators

This week has been pretty good.   My new companion, Sister C., is 6'2", from Georgia and SO different than Sister White. 

This fourth was so funny.  We went to the Spanish branch 4th of July party and Hermana S. made us all sing the Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, and My Country Tis of Thee, and say the Pledge of Allegiance before we were allowed to eat.  All the songs and everything was in English, so all the Spanish people just stood  there during it.   Haha, it was really funny.  The party went a little long, and then we had to come back to our house at 6:30.   It was a fun night :)

This week I've seen a haboob, and two "monsoons" - - they're really just like a lightning storm in Washington.  But we're required to come home when they come so we don't get valley fever.

This week was pretty great, though.   We have 7 new investigators, and one of them is on a date for  the 27th.  Do you remember C?   She wanted to get baptized but she didn't want to get married so we had to drop her a while ago.  The other day we went to her house to visit with her for a little bit and she said, "I have a surprise for you".   Then she said, "I'm getting MARRIED!!"   So, she's in Vegas this week with her boyfriend - or now husband :)  So we're planning on having her baptized on the 23rd, on her birthday :)  I was so happy!   Then another lady, E - we offered her the baptismal date and she said, "Well, I'd really like that.  But I think I should get married first.  It's probably about time."   So, things are looking up again in good ole Casa Grande.

I've been missing letters!  I'm at that point in my mission where letters come only once a week - - and from Grandma.   But, hopefully more letters will come!

Sister Parry made this for me!   The interior is gray and the steering wheel is "crimson" - - Go Cougs!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Heatwave and Investigator Drought

We really do have a bad heat wave here right now.  The high was 120, but you just learn to suck it up and work with it.  no biking, though :(

So, bad news :(  Sister White got a call from President the other night . . . she's getting emergency transferred to Yuma today at 3 because a sister is having health problems.  I really love Sister White and don't want her to leave.  I'm a little nervous about the sister that's coming because lots of people have had problems with her as a companion, so I'm hoping that we'll be companions just until the end of this transfer.  BUT, on the bright side - - because this chick has been blacking out randomly I get to drive now!!  Woo hoo!

And our investigators are nowhere to be found.  We dropped them all, including J*** because he keeps making excuses and isn't progressing.  And we found out that A** never really was sober.  She had been bringing drugs to her recovery class and had been trading it.  So, she was still using drugs (meth) and drinking, those mixed together are a disaster, obviously.   But, we're making progress with more potential investigators and we've started the family mission plan in the ward.  So, hopefully it'll take off soon.

Yesterday was my first experience was the Arizona "haboob."  Washington is  better and lasts longer :)  Arizona does have more dirt, though.

Love you and hope all is going well!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Staying Put

Guess what . . . I'm staying in Casa Grande!!!  woo hooooooo I love it here so much!

I love the investigators and some of the members here so much.  Especially our recent converts. 

We had a Mission President's Fireside this past Saturday where recent converts bare their testimony and their story, and President and sister Howes speak.  We took a "bus" full (it was really just a big Mormon van) of all our recent Spanish converts to Mesa wih us.  It was so great.  One of the recent converts told me that she had been praying about serving a mission :)   Ah, that made me so happy.  I hope she does, she'd be great.

Short but sweet :)

P.S.  It has been 12 weeks and I am officially no longer a greenie!!!  Yea!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another Great Week

Another week full of teaching, testifying, praying, baptizing, going to the temple and being silly . . . .

Monday, June 3, 2013

Weird week, 110 degrees & Pahrump, NV

This week was weird.  We went on exchanges, but it wasn't real exchanges.  The two sister trainers came down from Mesa and we were in awkward threesomes.  It was just weird.  Then they called us the next day and told me and Sister White that we were coming up to Mesa Saturday for another exchange.  So we did, and it was weird.  I didn't really feel lilke there was a purpose.  I followed them around and that was basically it.  Kind of a waste of time in my opinion, but I did learn a lot from the sister trainer, Spanish-wise.

I don't know if I ever told you about our investigator Amy.  At first we had a really hard time getting in with her because she is an alcoholic.  But we finally saw her at church one day after she checked herself into rehab.  She is the coolest we've taught English-wise.  So fun and funny.  She is putting together a care package for us :)   She really wants to be baptized but says she wants to wait a year so she feels like she can really have a handle on her drinking.  Her kids are so cute.  They're all members except for her.   But we really think that she could be baptized very soon if she wanted to be.  Everytime she sees us she tells us how many days sober she is.  And we put our old maintenance man, Jose, on date for the 15th :)   woohoo!

I don't think I ever told you that our investigators Shawn and Monica lived in Pahrump, too!  We gave each other an extra long hug because we know how hard Pahrump is.

This past week since President Howes will be leaving in less than a month he has started us a Book of Mormon challenge.  We are reading the entire BofM by July 2.  He gives us goals to reach every week.  So instead of having district meetings we have district Book of Mormon reading meetings.  I'm almost done with 2nd Nephi, focusing on the doctrine of Christ.  It's really interesting.

Well, today we had our first heat warning.  It's supposed to be 110 degrees today.  Thank goodness for P-days, except we're biking to the trailers this evening.   Oh well. 

Well, things here are great!  I love it here so far. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Aloe - A Missionary's Best Friend

This week has been really good.  We're baptizing a lot of people so we've had to go out and find people.   We found three new investigators this week, two of which are Jehovah's Witnesses.   It'll be fun . . . they have a ton of questions.

We rode our bikes for the first part of this week a lot.  Sister White has her license for skin stuff, I forget what it's called, but she always tells me to put on sunscreen.  So, I didn't.  haha.  But I was humbled when we were eating STEAK (delicious, on the BBQ steak) with our ward mission leader and his wife when they said that I looked really bad.   So, they gave me an aloe leaf to squish up and put on when I got home.  Aloe leaves are really slimey.  And they smell like B.O.  But I'm hoping it'll turn into a tan one day.

We've been teaching a couple, Shawn and Monica.  They are so cool.  The first time we met with them a few weeks ago they asked about missions for their daughters and before we even had met them, Shawn had changed his work schedule around so he could come to church.  Before our second lesson with them we heard from her boss that Monica already said she wants to get sealed in the  temple and be baptized.  We taught them the Plan, and they already knew everything before they even knew it.  It's crazy how in tune with the spirit they both are.  They were definitely ready to hear the gospel!  So their baptism is June 8 :)

We went to the baptism of Selia (Emilio and Veronica's granddaughter).  And Emilio baptized her :)  It was cute to see how happy he was.

Anyways, it was a super good week.  Oh, and I am starting not to like the trailer park now, just because of how many wandering dogs there are.  We got into a few chases this week, one of which at night - and BIG dogs.  It stinks.  I wish we could carry around a big stick.  Dumb dogs.

One of our wards asked us to give talks yesterday, so I gave mine on Elder Holland's talk, "Lord, I Believe."  Normally I HATE giving talks.  I get nervous and my voice shakes.  But this was the best talk I have ever given.  First time people have ever asked for my references :)

Well, I love you!  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Biking and Baptisms!

This week was pretty good!  I'm going to tell you my favorite part of the week first!

Saturday we had two baptisms, a 9 year old little boy and Estela.  Estela is the woman whose door we accidentally knocked on when we were trying to find a different former investigator.  It took us a little bit to get her to realize she needed to be baptized, but it happened!  And!  Guess what?!   Andres baptized them!  He was so happy!  He gave me and Sister White a gift - he gave me a glass angel playing a violin.   And . . . we gave him an illegal hug.  But don't tell anyone.  It was much needed and it was a fast one.  haha.

And interviews with President went really well.  I asked him for a blessing, and it was one of the best blessings I've ever gotten.  It was like a second patriarchal blessing.  He mentioned things that I didn't know that I was really worried about until he said it.  He said let go of your concerns of what you're leaving behind and giving up at home -- as you're here the Lord is preparing your future.  It was really cool. 

This week also Sister White made me and Hermana Adams bike to the trailer park to teach our Spanish investigators the plan of salvation . . . At first I wasn't too happy with her.  "They're going to think we believe in reincarnation and hate us and kick us out!!"   But, I drug my feet there anyway.  And it went really well :)  They understood everything and ended up coming to church on Sunday.  Their names are Jose and Viviana.  We met Jose because he was our maintenance man at the Colony Apartments and was always our favorite person there  He'd always ask us what we were doing.  So one day we were in the trailers and knocked on a door and he opened it!  Every once in a while we'll get a reminder that someone's guiding our feet as we walk.

This week we had to  ride our bikes a lot.  We rode 24 miles in 105 degree weather on Tuesday and 21 miles on Thursday.  We'll be riding our bikes all this next week, and I actually like riding that much.  It makes me feel like a real missionary when we're drenched in sweat knocking on investigators' doors :) 

Oh, and we found out this week that the Tempe mission was supposed to trial test iPads for area books, but the Mesa mission got them instead :(  BUT by the time I leave the mission we will all have iPads instead of having to carry around these bulky area books.   So, that's cool.

P.S.  While biking to the trailers, in their one green harvest field I glanced over and swear I saw a deer and got really excited.   But then I thought . . . wait.  I'm in Arizona.   And I looked again and it was just a brown plastic bag.  Que triste.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Pictures and New Address

Sister Limburg's new address:  1182 East Jardin Drive, Casa Grande, AZ 85122.

Now that you have it, write!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

New Address

New address:

1182 East Jardin Drive
Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Same city, new digs. . . . a house with five other sister missionaries! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Transfers . . . or Not

I don't really have anything special to say this week except that this week I learned that I don't like transfers.  They were supposed to call us last night, but we got a text from our zone leaders that said they are not going to tell us anyathing until tonight at 9 p.m.   So I don't know if I'm staying or going yet . . . and then they sent another text message that said that President expects us to be inside our apartments today from 2-6 and we are expected to clean our apartments as if the whole mission will be leaving, and we need to update our area books.  I really hope I don't leave Casa Grande.   We are teaching so many people and the members are so great.  But I guess we'll see, and I'll tell you Sunday!

We had dinner at Teresa and Andre's home this past week.   It was so sad - he opened his fridge and it was bone dry.  But somehow they made us an amazing dinner of sanoradogs - - so good!  They asked the branch for help with money because Andres is still out of a job.  But when the people came to give them help, they somehow offended Andres, so they refuse to use the money they gave them.  It's really hard, and it sucks to see.  They're the coolest investigators I've had, but Sunday when I saw them they were sitting all by themselves.   But they told us . . ."The people aren't perfect, but we know the church is."  Rad people.

This week too we had a full authentic Mexican fiesta meal.  Carne asada!  Mmm, soo good.  I had cactus - -it's really gross and slimy - who would have known?!  And I had a squid leg -- very salty.  They gave us an entire homemade cheesecake to take home, too.  It was the best meal I've had in Casa Grande so far.

I love you!  Can't wait to talk to you on Sunday!   Can you beleive I'm already 1/6 of the way done??  Craziness.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Dogs and Snakes

This week was a good week!  The sisters meeting was great, really, just because I got to see Hermana Jacobsen!  What a good reunion, I've really missed her.

We had dinner over at a member's house and she's one of those extreme couponers.   So she let us go shopping at her house - - haha.  I got shampoo to last me a while :)

This week I finally got on my bike . . . in 100 degree weather.   Needless to say I was a little sweaty AND I got chased by dogs - - I think they can smell greenie in me.  I hate dogs.  Not really.  Just ones that try to kill me.  But thanks to that nice day on the bike I have a good farmers tan going.

This week we'v been working with the Plumb Family (whose daughter died) to teach their friends.  We taught their friends the Plan of Salvation.  It was really powerful, even though the Plumbs don't speak Spanish, they still bore their testimony of it, and it was one of the best lessons we've had.  Afterwards, we were talking with Brother and Sister Plumb, and Brother Plumb is awesome - -very straightforward, black and white.   He says what he means, but in a way that you really appreciate it.  He said, "Sister White, you speak Spanish so great.  The way you can go back and forth and just talk with them.  You speak Spanish great."   Then he looks at me . . . "You do not.  BUT I can feel the Spirit so strong when you teach.  It's not really you who converts, it's the Spirit."  I need to practice my Spanish.  haha.  But he's awesome and what he said, I really appreciated.

Speaking of the Plumb family . . . their boys killed a snake, skinned it, and stuck it in the church freezer.   They are letting me and Hermana White have it and they told us how to cook it up.    Guess what we're having for dinner tonight?!!

This week Teresa and Andres came out with us to visit investigators :)  It's the best feeling in the world, having someone you taught and baptized helping you with missionary work.  Teresa bore her testimony to new investigators, and Andres was so persistent - - ringing door bells for ten minutes before he would face defeat.  haha.  They are so awesome.  Hopefully we will be teaching the rest of their family soon.

I had my talk in Spanish yesterday and it went a lot better than I thought.  Teresa  told me, "You speak great Spanish!  Just have more confidence."   So, I think people understood me :) 

Transfers are next week, on the 8th, I think.  I'm really nervous and hope that me and Sister White stay together.

Love you!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mesa Arizona Temple

The Temple was so great!! The Mesa temple is the prettiest temple I've ever been in. When you pick me up, could we possibly go through? :):) There were close to 100 people in our session, only 28 of which were girls. I met my grandma though, Sister Lemon, she's way cool, and trained Sister White after only 6 weeks on her mission... speaking of which..................

 There is a 97.65498% chance that I'll be training next transfer... 2 weeks.  I can't do that!  I can hardly speak/understand Spanish and I don't know how to plan effectively yet.  GAH.  Sister White though is training me now extra... hard.  Just in case I do train, I can do well.  I have to admit my patience has been extra short because I feel so stressed now, poor Sister White haha.

 Well our investigator, Daniel, was baptized Saturday!  I'll tell you the events leading up to the baptism in my lettter... but his baptism went smoothly.  The first thing he said when he came up out of the water was, "WOAH, that was cool!!"  haha.

On Monday/Tuesday? we went to look for a less active member, but her house was boarded up so we went and knocked on her neighbor's door.  We asked him if we could talk to him about the gospel, and he surprisingly said yes and came outside.  We were able to have a 20 minute lesson with him about the Book of Mormon, and set up another appointment with him for this week.  He said he has been out of jail for 4 months and needs to strengthen his relationship with Christ, so alas, we are teaching him.

So things here are good. Getting a little hotter.  We have a sisters training meeting on Wednesday, for whoever gets called as the sister version of a zone-leader.

 Oh and if I do end up training, that means I'll have to drive, which means I am buying a GPS. Sister White has one and that's the only reason we are able to find people's houses :)
ANYWAYS... I love you ! :)


Monday, April 15, 2013

Golden Investigator at the Wrong House!

Honestly, this week kind of sucked with being homesick.  Enjoy all the little things for me, ok?

Other than that this week was great.  Elder Mellor, in the MTC said,  "I miss sleep more than I miss my own mother."  I agree, but not as much to say more than my own mother :)  I've learned that I have a great talent. I can fall asleep wherever and whenever I want!  It's so hard in the mornings and church... but alas I try.   

Sister White and I were going to our favorite place in Casa Grande, Colonia del Sol, the trailer park, to visit an investigator that we haven't met yet.  When we knocked on the door, another lady opened it, who was another investigator who we had never met.  Surprise!  Wrong house, yet the right house… She invited us in and we had a long talk with her. One of the first things she said to us was, "Yo se que la iglesia es verdadera".  Boom!   We sat down, asked, why are you not baptized?? The spirit was so strong, it was great.  She said a prayer, and decided she needed to be baptized on the 27 of April :)  She's been coming to church and we've been stopping by ever since.   She is seriously so amazing. One of my favorite people to teach because she is so sincere and doesn't tell me I'm too quiet :)

Then this weekend was the baptism for Andres y Teresa. It went so well!  They were so happy and excited. Teresa said to us after her baptism, "This is the family I've always wanted".  Then I guess afterwards, Presidente Garcia told us that they had a party at their house after the baptism and sang karaoke in English with the branch hahaha, they're so funny.  I'd bet money that Andres will be an area 70 one day. 

Zone conference was great, we found out that they are changing things up a bit.  Sisters now have a leadership position.  It's just like a zone leader, but for sisters. So that's exciting news.

We go to the Mesa temple on Wednesday, and I can't wait!  I really need it.

Well, I love you!!!!  Thank you for EVERYTHING!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pictures from Casa Grande

Looks like a missionary's apartment :)

Not sure what she's eating, but it looks 'interesting' :)

The desert sunset.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Conference, Funerals & Splits

The conference talks were awesome.   My favorite talk was Elder Holland - he is so powerful! I was so glad that one of our investigators was able to hear that. We have 5 investigators come to watch conference and one watched it at a member's house, so it was great.

So Tuesday was a district meeting, and afterwards, my ZL's and DL's gave me a greenie blessing :)  It was one of the best blessing's I've gotten - I didn't really realize how much I needed one until I was getting it.  Sister Neal (one of the English sisters who is living with us) told me I should ask President Howes for one too, because she got one from him and it was amazing.  So I'm going to do that next time I have a meeting with him.

This week is zone conference in Chandler, and I'm pretty excited for it. I don't really know what to expect, but it should be good.  AND!  Next week we get to go to the temple!  The Mesa temple, too. It's so pretty, everyone has pictures of it in their homes and I can't wait to go to that one, it should be great and well needed.

Thursday we went to a funeral. There was a terrible accident last week, where kids were playing with a gun, and an 11 year old girl was killed. So we went to help in any way we could, and when we went to see her mother, the first and really only thing she said to us was, "You call me because I have a family for you to teach".  Pretty amazing woman.  Because of her we have 3 new investigators (Spanish - woo), who really love what we're teaching.

Yesterday Sister White and I bet our district leaders that we would beat them in street contacts - we're supposed to get 140 each week, but our numbers have been down.  We bet them lunch, so we were pretty determined :)  We went on splits last night and I went out with two girls from one of the wards - it was fun cause they are my age and ward missionaries and excited to go.  So we went everywhere, and ran into pretty interesting people... anyway we ended up tripling our goal, but unfortunately tied with the Elders - we're pretty sure they cheated.  But anyways, it was fun.

So we went out to eat for dinner with one of the Spanish branch's presidency member and started talking... we found out that they lived in Walla Walla in 2006 for three months in 3rd ward!  How funny!  They remember Bishop Bushman and the Barberich's.  It was really fun to talk to them about it :)

Anyway, I can't remember anything else that we did.


Monday, April 1, 2013

First Stop: Casa Grande, AZ

I'm here in the desert of Casa Grande.  First day went great!  It's kind of a blur, but we arrived in good ol' Phoenix and our mission president and wife drove us to the mission home.  I have to admit, Tempe is so beautiful!  I don't think I would mind too much living there.  It's actually kind of green, and has pretty palm trees everywhere.  I stayed with a sweet sister named Sister Bennett. 

Then I got my companion, Sister White (or Blanca).  I think it'll be a fun three months with her!  She works hard and knows how to have fun.   We are white-washing in Casa Grande.  We are the first sisters here in over 30 years.  The wards are so excited to have us.  The leaders are awesome, they're so enthusiastic.  In one of the wards the couple in charge of the ward mission is our age, so it makes it way fun.  It's nice having a younger ward.  I taught my first lesson Thursday to A and T, and I extended a baptismal date, and A accepted!  When we got to church yesterday there was a guy in a white tux . . . one of our investigators that we hadn't met yet.  One of the first things he said to us was, "I want to be baptized."  So we got him on a date . . . haha.

My district leader gave me some pretty good advice on staying awake during six hours of church plus meetings.  I need to buy a stress ball :)  I love it here in Casa Grande.  right now the weather is perfect.  It's sunny.  I have a farmer's tan already, and it's in the 80s/90s/  I'm really enjoying it.

When we go street contacting, the trailer parks are my absolute favorite.  Everyone seems way nice.  Except some investigators are having trouble going to a different church.  Apparently this church is also in Idaho.  It's called the Cowboy Church.  It's exactly what it sounds like.  Horses, lassos, you get my drift.  Anyway, for some reason people here really like this church and have a hard time letting it go.  I mean, I like horses too, but not that much.

Anyway, I'm happy and I love it!  

P.S.  I already had a baptism on Saturday!  hahaha.  It was SO great!  I talked during it and everything.  His wife and kids are LDS, and he had had baptismal dates before but never kept them.  I guess it just took a couple of sisters to get him going :)

New address:

351 N. Peart Rd. #1511
Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Last Full Week in MTC

This week has been so great!  I keep asking myself how did I get so lucky to have the best district in the MTC and best teachers.   Remember how the last week home really sucked for me cause I knew I would be saying good-bye soon?  It's the same way here, I'm so sad to say good-bye to these Elders and Hermanas.  Hermana Child went to the temple with us today and ate breakfast.  It was a lot of fun being with her outside of the MTC.  I've been seeing Courtney a lot this week!  It's been so fun!  It seems like she really loves it, and her companion.  Her comp seems really great.  She leaves a day before me! 

This week for Relief Society Sister Stevens from the Primary  Presidency spoke.  It was one of the best talks I've heard here.  I had to give my first talk in sacrament last Sunday.  It w as all in Spanish.  I admit, I may have copied and pasted from Preach My Gospel, but no one knows that . . . :)

The weather has been so great here.  Hermana Jacobsen and I decided to study outside for an hour this week, and I already have a sunburn and now a tanline. . . Arizona is going to give me sun cancer.  ha.  One of my roommates said that somewhere in AZ it's already passed the 100s.  I received a letter from my mission president this week, and it's gotten me pretty excited, and a little nervous.  But more excited than nervous, I know it'll be great.  If I have amazing people in my district like I do right now, it'll be a blast.

One of our branch presidency was talking to our district this week and said that Elder Holland was secretly on campus this past week and visited a specific branch.  It really surprised me - - I wonder how many times he comes to the MTC without us knowing - - probably a lot because he's in charge of us all.  Every Saturday we do TRC, where we teach members of the church and just get to know them and give them a message - - I wish it was everyday it is SO much fun.  A couple of weeks ago we taught a guy from Mexico, and he was the nicest guy we've taught so far.  Hermana Jacobsen and I found him this week.  Turns out he's a brand new missionary!  He's going to serve in Colorado, but is staying here for six weeks to learn English because his mission president doesn't speak Spanish.  It's fun talking to him.  His branch is all learning English, but they are all from different countries, Mexico, Brazil and Japan.  That would definitely be interesting.
I can't wait to talk to you SOON!!!!