Monday, September 30, 2013

I Love Being A Missionary!

This week flew by.   We were out of miles for the month so we've been on bike and I LOVE IT!  I always feel like the best missionary when I'm on bike.  I get to get sweaty and talk to people and really feel like I'm using my time wisely.   Plus, I went on exchanges in Mesa and it was so much fun!  It was exactly what I needed.  

I was able to watch the Relief Society broadcast and it was awesome!  I always feel so peaceful after I listen to the Prophet.  I'm glad they talked about covenants.  We'll be watching conference at the church and hoping our investigator R comes.

I can't believe I've forgotten to tell you about this less active couple we've been working with.  Hermano and Hermana H.  As soon as I met  them I knew that they were the reason I am here in Gilbert/Chandler.  Hermano H goes through dialysis here three times a week.  He stopped going to church because he's so sick and he feels abandoned by the ward because no one has ever stopped by to see how he is doing.  SO, we've been working with him.  He reminds me so much of Grandpa L, though.  One day all he was talking about was his dialysis treatments and it made me so sad because I hope grandpa didn't go through the same thing. 

A couple weeks ago I talked to a guy on the street named R and gave him a restoration pamphlet, and we went back a couple days later to see him.  He had read it - - twice!  We taught him again yesterday about the Plan of Salvation, and it was so great.  I love teaching the atonement to someone who you know it means so much.  It was a powerful lesson, and he is preparing to be baptized on October 19 -- happy birthday dad!!  Finding him is the miracle of the transfer.  He's a good guy who's made a lot of mistakes and is trying to be  better.

We accidentally went into the Gilbert mission the other day when an English member was dropping us off at home.  She drove right by the Gilbert temple - it is so beautiful!!

Oh, our house has a bit of a problem.   Scorpions.  They're everywhere.  We tried killing one the other day but it crawled into the wall somehow.  Creepy.  So, we have to shake our sheets before we go to bed and be a little cautious.  But it's an adventure.!

I love being a missionary :)  It's the best thing that's ever happened to me!

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