Monday, October 28, 2013

Transfer and other stuff

The verdict is in . . . I'm going to Mesa!  I'm with Hermana M - she's the best.   It's going to be the best transfer.  Another surprise happened too.   I'm a Sister Training Leader.   I'll be going to all of the important missionary leadership trainings, just like the zone leaders and AP.   I'll be able to go on exchanges with the sisters and help them.   But I think they'll really help me.  I'm excited!  I love my companion, zone leaders, and zone.  Elder R followed me again and we're in the same zone :)  Unlike last transfer, I feel like this is where I need to be.

I'm going back to Chandler, though, next week for Ruben's baptism.  I wouldn't miss that!  It was really sad saying good-bye to the H family.  I told them that I was getting transferred and Hermano H put his head in his hands and cried :(  It was one of the hardest good-byes, I think.  I told them that they always have a home in Washington :)

Saying good-bye to a recent convert there was pretty sad, too.  Her name is M and the first week being there she claimed us as her kids and told us she loved us.  So, even though that last transfer wasn't the best, I met who I needed to meet!

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