Tuesday, September 3, 2013


So, the other day our district leaders called and asked us to put them on speaker and gather everyone around.   They said that they had gotten news from the First Presidency and we are officially okay to use Facebook for proselyting starting tomorrow!  We will use it everyday for an hour.  We are only supposed to talk about church related things.  So, you can say hi to me if you want, but I really can't talk much unless you have a referral.  The idea is to get us teaching EVERYONE.  Before my mission is over we will be able to use Skype to teach!  For example, if you have someone in Walla Walla that you want me to teach, I can Skype with them, and you can join in on the Skype to be a member present in the lesson.  So, it's weird.  I'm honestly really nervous.   I was telling Hermana Segura that it's easy to talk about what you believe in to people you don't know, but it's so scary when it's your friends and family.   If I had a choice, I'd skip out on doing Facebook, but the First Presidency is really excited about it.  President Monson said, "When are we going to start to trust them?"   And now we are 1 in only 10 missions who are allowed to use  Facebook.   We can also  blog.  I'm a retarded blogger and would look like an idiot doing that.

So, there's my news for the week!   Starting tomorrow I'll be on Facebook every day for one hour!

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