Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Heatwave and Investigator Drought

We really do have a bad heat wave here right now.  The high was 120, but you just learn to suck it up and work with it.  no biking, though :(

So, bad news :(  Sister White got a call from President the other night . . . she's getting emergency transferred to Yuma today at 3 because a sister is having health problems.  I really love Sister White and don't want her to leave.  I'm a little nervous about the sister that's coming because lots of people have had problems with her as a companion, so I'm hoping that we'll be companions just until the end of this transfer.  BUT, on the bright side - - because this chick has been blacking out randomly I get to drive now!!  Woo hoo!

And our investigators are nowhere to be found.  We dropped them all, including J*** because he keeps making excuses and isn't progressing.  And we found out that A** never really was sober.  She had been bringing drugs to her recovery class and had been trading it.  So, she was still using drugs (meth) and drinking, those mixed together are a disaster, obviously.   But, we're making progress with more potential investigators and we've started the family mission plan in the ward.  So, hopefully it'll take off soon.

Yesterday was my first experience was the Arizona "haboob."  Washington is  better and lasts longer :)  Arizona does have more dirt, though.

Love you and hope all is going well!!

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