Monday, July 15, 2013

Sweet Cakes, Sweet Members, FBI and Aliens

This week has been good.  We went to the temple this week.   Afterwards we stopped at Deseret and then at Sweet Cakes Cafe, a bakery in Mesa that has been featured on TLC in its Best Food Ever episodes.   I went up to buy this HUGE cinnamon roll and asked the manager how much it cost, and she said, "How 'bout it's on me" - - turns out she's a ward missionary in Mesa :)   She gave us a bunch of homemade goodies for free to take home.   Best cinnamon roll I've ever had.

Also, this week Brother Dr. ** (he's an eye doctor) let us come over to his office on his day off, and he gave us a free eye exam :)

This week we had exchanges.  I stayed here and Sister C went to Mesa.   It was a great exchange.  I really liked the sister I was with.  We went to a less active member's house to see if we could just visit with them.  They opened the blinds and the lady said, "You'll never guess who it is!" and they opened the door.   An old lady opened the door, and her husband, a very large, shirtless man, stood there.   They let us in and we awkwardly sat on their couch while husband went to put a shirt on.  He asked us if we had ever been to South America,  because "they eat missionaries there."   He then went on to tell us that he knew that we were from the FBI and that we couldn't hide it.  He said that he knew that  the leaders of the church were part of the illuminatis (idk what that is, doesn't it have to do with the Catholic church or something??)   He made us sit there for an hour while he told us that we didn't know what we believed and he continued to talk about wormholes and aliens.  I was getting mad so I just kept a straight face the whole time.  Apparently he didn't like that so he kept telling me, "you don't know what you believe."   So, I said, "Sir, I know what I believe and it's not what you're telling me."   So, as we were FINALLY leaving he said, "You'll know this week.  Monday you'll know."  So, it's Monday and I'm pretty sure I'm pretty strong in my faith in Jesus Christ.  He should have been on a no contact list.  haha.

Besides that little fiasco, things are still going good.  We have new investigators, one in particular I'm really excited about teaching.  We met him at an apartment complex and he seemed so sincere.   He asked us to come back when we were street contacting him.  So, I'm excited about that.

Love you!

P.S.  Apparently we can't wear backpacks anymore, so we are off to buy cheap side bags.

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