Monday, July 29, 2013

Priesthood Power

I'm extremely happy that this transfer is over, but I'm also really sad.  Hermana P is going home today :(  Happy for her, sad for me.   haha.  But I'm staying in Casa Grande for another six weeks, but I get a new companion. 

Last Monday it rained the hardest I've ever seen.   The streets here are really bad in the rain.  I told Sister P that I'm from Washington!  I can handle it!   But the streets were like rivers.  It was fun.

The coolest experience I had this week had nothing to do with investigators.   Sister C got really sick again, and couldn't eat or drink anything.  We took her to Urgent Care and all they gave her were some pills, which she threw up.   So, last Tuesday it got really bad and she told me that she felt like she was going to die.   But I couldn't take her back to Urgent Care because one of the cars wouldn't turn on and the English sisters were at district meeting.  So when the sisters came home, they brought all six elders to give Sister C another blessing.  But when they got there Sister C wouldn't wake up.  We tried everything to wake her up.  So, I called President Toone, and Sister Toone told me she was going to call the nurse and then she would call me.   The elders were really mad . . . haha.  Elder M said, "This is like praying to the virgin to get to God! - Just call 911!!!"  So, finally with permission we called 911.  In the meantime we let the elders into our home to give her a blessing.   They surrounded her as she was laying on the couch, and each put their hands on her head.  Elder R could only fit one hand on her head, but they all fit.  Elder M gave the coolest  blessing.  As he was closing, Sister C started to stir a little, and as Elder M said amen, she woke up just in time to say amen.  She doesn't remember any of that, but it was the coolest priesthood experience I've ever seen.  She was rushed in an ambulance to the hospital, but they didn't find anything wrong with her.  So, she's back and kicking, but getting transferred, probably to Tempe.  It was awesome.   

So, there's my cool experience for the week :)

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