Monday, August 12, 2013

Two Weeks in One


So, transfers.   My new companion is Sister S.   She came from the Phoenix mission when the mission split.  She doesn't want to be in the Tempe mission.   She's exactly opposite of all the sisters who just left me.   So it's really hard.   I think this has been the most I've ever prayed.   Sister S called me out and said that I can't call people by their nicknames or last names (even though our ZLs and DLs do it).  She said I had to be directly obedient.  Is it bad that I strangle her? 

We are officially only over our Spanish branch now.  I'm happy and sad, just because I won't be able to teach Monica anymore, but I promised her I'm still coming to her baptism.

On the bright side, there are six sisters in our house again, one fluent speaker, which is nice.  And a new sister from Korea, but lives in Hawaii.  She eats noodles for breakfast lunch and dinner . . .she is so Asian!   haha

So, the coolest thing happened this week.  A few weeks ago Sister C and I decided to visit our old investigator, A.  A expressed concern because she was trying to find a job and it was so difficult for her.  We promised her right there that if she read the Book of Mormon every day, she would find a job within two weeks.  I got a text from her this week that said she found a job!!  She is really excited, and the Sisters are going over to see how she is doing.


Well, my companion is still how she was before.  We had interviews this week, and I was the very first to go.  The first thing President Toone said to me was, "so let's talk about your companion."  He said he knows what's going on, and how hard it is for me.  He said that he prayed specifically where to put Sister S and her old companion Sister T and that he felt very strongly that we needed to be companions.  President Toone is the most sincere person.  I am so glad he's our mission president.  He told me that Hermana Jacobson (my MTC companion) has Sister S's old companion and that she won't even talk to Hermana Jacobson at all.  How sad.

There's honestly not a lot to report.   I just want to get to work, and keep working, and when I'm done working I just want to sleep.  haha.


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