Monday, July 22, 2013

Another Good Week

This week has been good.   Sister C has been sick for the past three days throwing up so we've been staying home while she tries to get better.  We took her to urgent care to get her an IV but all they gave her were pills that she threw up, too.   Sooo, hopefully she gets better soon.

This past week was zone conference with our new mission president and his wife.  I LOVE THEM!!  They are so great, and they're trying really hard to get used to everything.  He replies to all of my emails, which is crazy because there are so many missionaries here.

We had a lesson with our investigator, B, this week.  His wife joined in as well.  It went so great.  We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end).  He accepted the baptismal invitation and has a baptismal date set for the 3rd :)  His wife is praying about baptism, but I have no doubt that she will be baptized the same day as B.

We also had a lesson with M this week, and she is sooooo cute.  She is SO excited to get baptized and she is so much fun to teach.  She takes note during our lessons and during church.  She calls us "her hermanas" to everyone, and she knows a lot of people in the church already.  If I get transferred before she's baptized next month, I'm going to get permission to come to her baptism.

We had a really cool haboob this week.  We had to cancel our appointments and stay inside.  We've also been having awesome rainstorms.  We proselyted in a monsoon, maybe a bad idea but it was a lot of fun :)

Transfers are next week, and I have a feeling I'll either be leaving or training or both.  But who knows, I've said that before.  I think I'm leaving because I love my ward and branch too much.  Casa Grande feels like home, and I think it might be time for me to leave :(  Plus Sister P is leaving to go home next p-day, so it'll suck staying in Casa Grande.

We have to tell a story on Wednesday to the stake about a pioneer story that we have.  And the one I'm going to share is about YOU, mom!   You're my favorite pioneer!

Love you all!!

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