Monday, April 8, 2013

Conference, Funerals & Splits

The conference talks were awesome.   My favorite talk was Elder Holland - he is so powerful! I was so glad that one of our investigators was able to hear that. We have 5 investigators come to watch conference and one watched it at a member's house, so it was great.

So Tuesday was a district meeting, and afterwards, my ZL's and DL's gave me a greenie blessing :)  It was one of the best blessing's I've gotten - I didn't really realize how much I needed one until I was getting it.  Sister Neal (one of the English sisters who is living with us) told me I should ask President Howes for one too, because she got one from him and it was amazing.  So I'm going to do that next time I have a meeting with him.

This week is zone conference in Chandler, and I'm pretty excited for it. I don't really know what to expect, but it should be good.  AND!  Next week we get to go to the temple!  The Mesa temple, too. It's so pretty, everyone has pictures of it in their homes and I can't wait to go to that one, it should be great and well needed.

Thursday we went to a funeral. There was a terrible accident last week, where kids were playing with a gun, and an 11 year old girl was killed. So we went to help in any way we could, and when we went to see her mother, the first and really only thing she said to us was, "You call me because I have a family for you to teach".  Pretty amazing woman.  Because of her we have 3 new investigators (Spanish - woo), who really love what we're teaching.

Yesterday Sister White and I bet our district leaders that we would beat them in street contacts - we're supposed to get 140 each week, but our numbers have been down.  We bet them lunch, so we were pretty determined :)  We went on splits last night and I went out with two girls from one of the wards - it was fun cause they are my age and ward missionaries and excited to go.  So we went everywhere, and ran into pretty interesting people... anyway we ended up tripling our goal, but unfortunately tied with the Elders - we're pretty sure they cheated.  But anyways, it was fun.

So we went out to eat for dinner with one of the Spanish branch's presidency member and started talking... we found out that they lived in Walla Walla in 2006 for three months in 3rd ward!  How funny!  They remember Bishop Bushman and the Barberich's.  It was really fun to talk to them about it :)

Anyway, I can't remember anything else that we did.


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