Monday, April 29, 2013

Dogs and Snakes

This week was a good week!  The sisters meeting was great, really, just because I got to see Hermana Jacobsen!  What a good reunion, I've really missed her.

We had dinner over at a member's house and she's one of those extreme couponers.   So she let us go shopping at her house - - haha.  I got shampoo to last me a while :)

This week I finally got on my bike . . . in 100 degree weather.   Needless to say I was a little sweaty AND I got chased by dogs - - I think they can smell greenie in me.  I hate dogs.  Not really.  Just ones that try to kill me.  But thanks to that nice day on the bike I have a good farmers tan going.

This week we'v been working with the Plumb Family (whose daughter died) to teach their friends.  We taught their friends the Plan of Salvation.  It was really powerful, even though the Plumbs don't speak Spanish, they still bore their testimony of it, and it was one of the best lessons we've had.  Afterwards, we were talking with Brother and Sister Plumb, and Brother Plumb is awesome - -very straightforward, black and white.   He says what he means, but in a way that you really appreciate it.  He said, "Sister White, you speak Spanish so great.  The way you can go back and forth and just talk with them.  You speak Spanish great."   Then he looks at me . . . "You do not.  BUT I can feel the Spirit so strong when you teach.  It's not really you who converts, it's the Spirit."  I need to practice my Spanish.  haha.  But he's awesome and what he said, I really appreciated.

Speaking of the Plumb family . . . their boys killed a snake, skinned it, and stuck it in the church freezer.   They are letting me and Hermana White have it and they told us how to cook it up.    Guess what we're having for dinner tonight?!!

This week Teresa and Andres came out with us to visit investigators :)  It's the best feeling in the world, having someone you taught and baptized helping you with missionary work.  Teresa bore her testimony to new investigators, and Andres was so persistent - - ringing door bells for ten minutes before he would face defeat.  haha.  They are so awesome.  Hopefully we will be teaching the rest of their family soon.

I had my talk in Spanish yesterday and it went a lot better than I thought.  Teresa  told me, "You speak great Spanish!  Just have more confidence."   So, I think people understood me :) 

Transfers are next week, on the 8th, I think.  I'm really nervous and hope that me and Sister White stay together.

Love you!

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