Friday, May 31, 2013

Aloe - A Missionary's Best Friend

This week has been really good.  We're baptizing a lot of people so we've had to go out and find people.   We found three new investigators this week, two of which are Jehovah's Witnesses.   It'll be fun . . . they have a ton of questions.

We rode our bikes for the first part of this week a lot.  Sister White has her license for skin stuff, I forget what it's called, but she always tells me to put on sunscreen.  So, I didn't.  haha.  But I was humbled when we were eating STEAK (delicious, on the BBQ steak) with our ward mission leader and his wife when they said that I looked really bad.   So, they gave me an aloe leaf to squish up and put on when I got home.  Aloe leaves are really slimey.  And they smell like B.O.  But I'm hoping it'll turn into a tan one day.

We've been teaching a couple, Shawn and Monica.  They are so cool.  The first time we met with them a few weeks ago they asked about missions for their daughters and before we even had met them, Shawn had changed his work schedule around so he could come to church.  Before our second lesson with them we heard from her boss that Monica already said she wants to get sealed in the  temple and be baptized.  We taught them the Plan, and they already knew everything before they even knew it.  It's crazy how in tune with the spirit they both are.  They were definitely ready to hear the gospel!  So their baptism is June 8 :)

We went to the baptism of Selia (Emilio and Veronica's granddaughter).  And Emilio baptized her :)  It was cute to see how happy he was.

Anyways, it was a super good week.  Oh, and I am starting not to like the trailer park now, just because of how many wandering dogs there are.  We got into a few chases this week, one of which at night - and BIG dogs.  It stinks.  I wish we could carry around a big stick.  Dumb dogs.

One of our wards asked us to give talks yesterday, so I gave mine on Elder Holland's talk, "Lord, I Believe."  Normally I HATE giving talks.  I get nervous and my voice shakes.  But this was the best talk I have ever given.  First time people have ever asked for my references :)

Well, I love you!  

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