Monday, May 20, 2013

Biking and Baptisms!

This week was pretty good!  I'm going to tell you my favorite part of the week first!

Saturday we had two baptisms, a 9 year old little boy and Estela.  Estela is the woman whose door we accidentally knocked on when we were trying to find a different former investigator.  It took us a little bit to get her to realize she needed to be baptized, but it happened!  And!  Guess what?!   Andres baptized them!  He was so happy!  He gave me and Sister White a gift - he gave me a glass angel playing a violin.   And . . . we gave him an illegal hug.  But don't tell anyone.  It was much needed and it was a fast one.  haha.

And interviews with President went really well.  I asked him for a blessing, and it was one of the best blessings I've ever gotten.  It was like a second patriarchal blessing.  He mentioned things that I didn't know that I was really worried about until he said it.  He said let go of your concerns of what you're leaving behind and giving up at home -- as you're here the Lord is preparing your future.  It was really cool. 

This week also Sister White made me and Hermana Adams bike to the trailer park to teach our Spanish investigators the plan of salvation . . . At first I wasn't too happy with her.  "They're going to think we believe in reincarnation and hate us and kick us out!!"   But, I drug my feet there anyway.  And it went really well :)  They understood everything and ended up coming to church on Sunday.  Their names are Jose and Viviana.  We met Jose because he was our maintenance man at the Colony Apartments and was always our favorite person there  He'd always ask us what we were doing.  So one day we were in the trailers and knocked on a door and he opened it!  Every once in a while we'll get a reminder that someone's guiding our feet as we walk.

This week we had to  ride our bikes a lot.  We rode 24 miles in 105 degree weather on Tuesday and 21 miles on Thursday.  We'll be riding our bikes all this next week, and I actually like riding that much.  It makes me feel like a real missionary when we're drenched in sweat knocking on investigators' doors :) 

Oh, and we found out this week that the Tempe mission was supposed to trial test iPads for area books, but the Mesa mission got them instead :(  BUT by the time I leave the mission we will all have iPads instead of having to carry around these bulky area books.   So, that's cool.

P.S.  While biking to the trailers, in their one green harvest field I glanced over and swear I saw a deer and got really excited.   But then I thought . . . wait.  I'm in Arizona.   And I looked again and it was just a brown plastic bag.  Que triste.

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  1. iPads? Wow, missions have changed. How exciting to have those baptisms. SOunds like she's doing great work.