Thursday, March 7, 2013

Half Way Through

I'M AN AUNT!!   Whoo freakin hoo!!  As soon as I found out I ran to my zone and told every one - - high fives all around!  haha.  It's fun cause they're so excited for me, too.   As soon as I saw the pictures the first thing I thought was that she looks SO much like Janelle!  She is literally the most beautiful baby ever and even though I won't meet her for a while I love her SO much!!  No offense to anyone, but she's officially the one I'm most excited to see when I come home :) 

The temple was great this morning.  There's always such a calming effect that the temple has, and I am SO grateful for that.  I'm going to miss going every week once I'm in AZ.  I love going with my zone and seeing them there, and not to mention the temple food is amazing and cheap.  Courtney gets here WEDNESDAY!!  I'm so excited!  I told Hermana J that I'm going to be snooping around for her, and I hope she doesn't mind.  It'll be so nice when she's here.

This week has been crazy.  Spanish has been getting harder.  We're learning past tense and future and adding "ed" and my brain feels like it's going to explode.  Thankfully, we have the best teachers in the MTC, so it makes it a little better.  Elder M was trying to say "son muertos" - - talking about two of the elders, but instead he kept saying "son M****" over and over again.  Hermano D just started laughing and said, "Elder M, you're saying the "S" word - - you probably shouldn't say that."

Another story of the elders is  that Elder O got in a race car accident a couple of weeks before coming here and he has a HUGE gash in his leg.  Everyone has been telling him to get it taken care of because it's leaking.  haha.    So one day Elder F is playing basketball and rolls his ankle.  He goes to see the doctor and while there Elder O asked the doctor to check out the gash on his leg.  The doctor took one look, started freaking out and sent him to the emergency room.  They were talking about emergency surgery.  The doctor told him that if it had happened 15 years earlier they probably would have had to amputate.  But, thankfully, after scraping it out (gross) and good meds, and going to the hospital once a week, and to the MTC doctor 3 times a week, he should be fine.   Elder F never even got his foot looked at and said "the Lord had to break my leg to save Elder O's." 

The district that is leaving soon just got reassigned yesterday because their visas to Argentina haven't come yet - - 3 are going to Georgia, 2 to Louisiana, 1 to SLC South, and 1 to Pocatello.  It was fun watching because it was like they were opening up another mission call.

Once this district leaves we will officially be the oldest district in the zone.  It's crazy, we're already more than half way done.

P.S.  I really loved that President Monson talk!  Try to find the talk that Elder Bednar gave to the MTC on Christmas Sunday.  It's called Attributes of Christ, I think.  It's the most profound talk I've ever heard.  It's changed my mission already, I think.  It's not on, so you might have to dig, but it's worth it.

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