Thursday, February 21, 2013

First Week at the MTC

Hola! :-)  Things here are great!
The MTC has been great!  First day was a blurr. My companion is Hermana *** from North Salt Lake.  We started off kind of rough, but as the days pass it's getting better. I absolutely LOVE my district. The Elders are my favorite, I think I may like them more than the Hermanas.  If I'm having a bad day or anything I know that when I go to class that they'll make me laugh the whole time. It's great.  All of the Elders in our disctrict are going to Argentina. I love our teacher Maestra Child. She's amazing and so fun. On day 1.5 we had to teach our first investigator, Martin - in Spanish.  Talk about getting right into it.  But we've been teaching him every day since then and it's been getting better. I can understand what he is saying and what Hermana *** is saying, but it's hard for me to speak. But like you said, I just need to practice! Hermana *** took Spanish in college so she speaks really well.
I kind of feel like I'm in the hunger games. We're in districts and strange voices come on the intercom randomly, and I look out the gates to the mountains and all I want to do sometimes is sneak out, haha. Elder *** wrote his mom asking her to send him Dr. Peppers.  The next day came two huge packages of Dr. Pepper ha.   Elder O'Hanley likes to take his fake epi pin and stick people with it, he likes to see their reaction of "i'm going to die". I think our Elders are borderline retarded, in the good way thought.
It's not too crowded, but then again I don't know any better. We have four girls in our room, and an empy bunk bed which is reallly nice. We were supposed to get a sister yesterday but she never showed up, I dont mind cause that just means more space for us!
While I've been here, for Relief Society I got to hear from Sister Reeves, the second counselor of the general Relief Society presidency.  Her son(?) served in kennewick), and for devo I heard Elder Christensen from the presidency of the 70 come speak.  Pretty cool stuff.
Well, I have to write other people. but I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! thank you for the letters and everything!!! I'll write you next week, and I'll probably send you a letter today of things I forgot to tell you :) - oh and if you post my pictures or blogs on fb can you tag me so courtney and others can see it too?? thank you :)
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Hermana Limburg

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